How Surveyor Vision works

Place the pallet in the shooting box and specify the type of product to be tested
In real time, you will receive information about the quality and freshness of products
The system automatically produces photo data capture and analysis
Upon completion of the acceptance, a survey report will automatically be generated with information on the qualitative characteristics of the product and the defects detected
Examination is carried out on the basis of the analysis of the following features: color, shape, size, presence of visible defects and damages.
The system is able to recognize diseases and defects by at least 30 criteria for each type of product.
To increase the accuracy of identifying signs of marriage, production is photographed with white and ultraviolet light.
The system is compact and located on the office table *.
To manage the system requires 1 specialist without the skills of an expert in the field of acceptance of fresh fruit or vegetable products.
The system is able to detect a fault with an accuracy of at least 95%.
Get the results of the examination both in real time mode and in the form of a survey report drawn up according to international standards.
Thanks to the laid down principles of machine learning, the system can be trained and tuned for a short period of time in order to carry out an examination of any kind of products.
The system will ensure compatibility with any conveyor solutions and will allow for the detection and examination of both static and moving objects **.
To increase the accuracy and reliability of the examination in the future, it is planned to connect to the system gas analyzers, nitrate meters, thermal imagers, scales.
* without connecting the conveyor mechanism.
** connection of conveyor systems at the stage of elaboration.

Advantages of Surveyor Vision

High accuracy of identifying signs of marriage.
Reduction and acceleration of the process of surveyor's expertise.
Reducing the role of the human factor.
Objectivity of the assessment.
Instant sending of reports on the results of the examination.
Quick access to statistics and analytics.
Automatic generation of survey report.

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